Apple Macintosh Portable 5120
Backlight Display Upgrade


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This is the ROM Card That Installs In The J10 ROM Slot.

Looking Down On The Original Apple Shipping Box.

Side Of Box Apple Part # And Date.

Front Of Backlight Display Upgrade.

Special Display Connector For Backlight Display Upgrade.

Original Price In 1990 For Macintosh Portable Backlight Display Upgrade $1165.00.

Overview Of The Macintosh Portable Backlight Display Upgrade From Apple.

The Apple® Macintosh® Portable Backlight Display Upgrade Kit lets you use your Macintosh Portable
personal computer in a wide variety of lighting situations, from the bright light of an office to the
low light of a hotel room. Designed to replace your existing display, it offers the same high quality
resolution, 640 by 400 pixels, but enables you to adjust the brightness for whatever environment
you’re working in. The Macintosh Portable Backlight Display Upgrade Kit provides
this greater flexibility because it uses an advanced 10inch (ZS-cm), flat- panel, active-matrix
liquid crystal display (LCD) with cold-cathode fluorescent lighting backlight technology.

More Info From Apple.

The easiest way to tell the difference between a backlit and non-backlit
Portable is, of course, to see if there is a light emanating from the display.

Another way to tell is to check the model number, located on
the bottom of the unit. The Backlit Portable was model 
number M5126 and the non-backlit was M5120.

Note: If the non-backlit model had an upgrade to the backlit, it would retain
the old model number, M5120 and have the backlight upgrade card installed
in the J10 ROM slot and have inprinted on it

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